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Alright everyone I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend! The square waxed duffle has a 50 liter main compartment (enough room to store 21 footlong subs), a zippered end pocket opposite of an open end pocket and an open side pocket! The oil tan leather and super thick waxed canvas make this the perfect adventure bag! (at Kolob Terrace)

Can you see it? I didn’t! Close encounter while filming for our next video. (at Zion Backcountry)

Leeds, Utah was founded in 1869 and is known to have the longest growing season of any place in Utah.

I had an awesome time with the family today. Not only did we test our new canyoneering rope but I realized #ruggedmaterial s new daypack is large enough to carry 330 feet of rope, or roughly 7,640 Cheez-its! (at Leeds Utah)

#tbt to that time we climbed that mountain on that island! @joshuah6 complained the who way up and @jameslundgren spent the entire day with one pant leg rolled up!

We love all kinds of leather. #shoplife

We are extremely excited about this leather and the way our messenger bags have come together! (at Rugged Material HQ)

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This weekend is all about backpacks! Who wants to go to Zion tomorrow?