It’s this hard working guy’s birthday today! We’re really grateful for the long hours @seajayrowley puts in and for his contagious happiness and optimism! He also looks pretty good in that fitted #americanmade tee!

Built some shelves in the shop today! They’ll be overflowing soon too! #builtnotbought

One step at a time! More Daypacks. ..

Crossbody Satchels have made their way out into the world. Here’s Justine from Cedar City rocking hers hot off the delivery truck!

Daypacks making their way through sewing now! #worththewait #builtnotbought

We sent out a bunch of Crossbody Satchels this week! Daypacks are coming next!

We love what we do. We are proud of our heritage. Grateful for those who have given all for our freedom. And united in our reverence for the 2,977 we lost 13 years ago. We will #neverforget

When play dates get intense @katero27 is glad to have her DuraTote to keep all the essentials in one place! We love that these bags look as at home in Cambridge, MA as they do in the mountains of Utah!

Please keep sending us photos of how and where you use your Rugged Material gear!

#doublerainbow in our front yard!

Were riveting away today on a big batch of Crossbody Satchels! #usmade